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Who We Are

Empowering Financial Success Together

The financial reality for many households remains dire and with money still a taboo, many Africans are struggling to make ends meet and are retiring with inadequate savings for retirement.

At TKO Financial Wellness and Advisory, we deliver impactful and instructive financial wellness programs designed to empower you in effectively managing your finances.

Regional Accreditation

We are a registered and licensed company operating both in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho and the Republic of South Africa (RSA).

Complete Empowerment

we take a holistic view and provide bespoke solutions aimed at equipping our clients (employees, entrepreneurs and pre-retirees) with skills that will see them making better decisions and leading better lives.

Our Vision & Mission

Empower, Enrich, Transform Lives

At TKO Financial Wellness, our mission is to empower lives through personalized and transformative financial solutions.

Our Values


Like the environment it is built on, our brand values are excellence and prestige in service delivery and community uplifting. As excellence can mean different things to different people, our diverse range of offerings allows individuals and company owners the freedom to decide for themselves and make their idea of financial freedom into a reality.


We are not just a financial institution, we are part of a bigger purpose. Everything we do is to create a collaborative community where we can all work together for the greater good. We value and encourage different perspectives and aim to facilitate harmony amongst ourselves.


The universal value speaks to security especially where money is concerned, for our customers (caring) and taking into consideration how sensitive money conversations and money itself can be.

About Us